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Self-service Bag Drop Solutions
SBD   The purpose of introducing SBD (Self-service BagDrop) is: • Increase efficiency by letting the SBD’s take over routine assignments. Experience shows that         approximately 80% of all passengers can be serviced at a SBD • Simplify and rationalize the check-in process • Reduce queuing at manned check-in • Optimal usage of existing check-in area. SBD is based on that the passenger uses the kiosks to       check-in and/or receive bag tags. The passenger receives boarding pass prior to attending the SBD.   SBD can be used in existing check-in desks. Advantages of this solution are: • No need of replacing existing check-in counters with new expensive BagDrop solutions. • The check-in counter can be used both as a normal manned check-in counter but also as an             unmanned BagDrop. • It’s a common use SBD; hence it can be used by every airline or it can be dedicated to a single         airline. We are representing a Norwegian Company: DSG Systems BV to promote its SBD project development in China.
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